by Lisa

This room is not my bedroom.  It is my bedsit.  Compact, bright, stacked high with pillows and quilts and books, and full of bed.  Desk, older than I am, chair, older than the desk, and a shelf as old as my father would be minus his age in high school shop class when he made it. Trunk, age unknown, but not musty.  Suitcases, every one musty.  A bit of mustiness goes along with the Bedsit title.

The living room in my childhood was the Front Room.  The Back Room was really a walk-through to the bathroom, but sometimes it was a bedroom or a laundry room.  The Front Room acted as sitting room by day, bedroom by night.  We all would have felt grand in a house the size of the one I live in today.

This is the Cottage.  That was The Old House.

I might rename the living room.  The English have so many names for the room where people gather.  Salon makes me laugh.  Inviting someone into my salon?  Nope.  Parlor indicates some other space, less neat, where the family does its thing.  Sitting room sounds like a nice place to have tea.

The living room could be the Front Room here.  There’s no foyer, and it is at the front of the house.  It’s not the Family Room.  I’ve had one of those, once, and it didn’t suit me, but I spent almost all of my time in there.  To have a Family Room requires another room that is not a family room and not a bedroom or a kitchen or a den, and I don’t have one of those to spare.   No spare room, but enough room.  Perfect.

So, here in I lay in my Bedsit, with my beloved unclutter.  Clutter is stress-inducing; what I have stacked about me is calming.  See the difference?  Titles matter.

I have decided to call the front room The Parlor, or maybe The Sitting Room.  We LIVE all over this little house, so why name it Living Room?  We’ll see what sticks.

It’ll never be the TV room.  Oh, I hate that TV.  Bah to TV.  The TV stays because I don’t live here alone.  People who have titled TV Rooms seem to spend so much time staring at that pretty screen that they don’t do much thinking.  Judgy much? Sorry about that, especially if you have a TV Room.  Do your thing.  I know people who never turn it off, who sleep to the sound of sitcoms.

(Shush, pretentious me.  Go sit in your Sitting Room and drink some tea.  First, get dressed.  It’s late, and you haven’t left your Bedsit except to get coffee.)