by Lisa

So, we’re experiencing a phenomenon of fast-forwarding here at the Cottage.  My baby has opinions, and I’m not talking about food preferences or “this is itchy” kind of stuff.

She thinks things through and makes life suggestions to me, The Mommy.  Sometimes, she’s right.  I do need to trim my nose hairs and carry less driftwood and fewer rocks in the car.

Getting the big bedroom is one case in point.  She made her plea, didn’t gripe or whine–never has whined in her life, but I’ve seen it happen to The Unfortunates, the mommies who pull a squeak toy out of the great baby grab bag of the Universe.  She had good reasons, and I agreed.  Big room, it is.

Now, she has taste in music.  She has grown up listening to everything from The Beatles to The Dead to Gaga to funny raunchy drinking songs from Ren Faires.  “Dough, I use to buy my beer…Ray, the guy who pours my beer…”  Now, pop music has entered her head.  I’m talking POP, not edgy in any way.  Sure, she can and does sing that thrift store song in an edited-for-parents version, to gig me for my taste in used clothes that might have belonged to someone’s (VERY FASHIONABLE) grandma.  But One Direction?  Selena Gomez?  She’s been sucked into the tween machine at seven.

I’m going along.  Grandma bought her a Pop Star magazine subscription.  The posters went up the moment she walked through the door.

I was on the phone with Grandma when she quietly muttered, “Where’s the tape?”

She closed her bedroom door for the first time today while she hung her pop stars on her walls.

Then there’s the hat issue.  I love putting cute hats on that little round head.  She now only wants to wear one of two: an owl, because she saw someone on my college campus wearing one like it and it came from her awesome Aunt, and a crocheted granny-square hat with a flower, made by Two Crow Crochet.  That one, she says, makes her feel like a cool girl, a teenager.  No one else has that hat.  I have one in black; hers is more colorful.  She actually calls it her Cool Hat.  Even her tiny Goth-to-be friend digs that hat.

Grandma hit a home run with Pop Star, but Two Crow takes the cake on headgear.  I kind of took credit for that one, even though I didn’t actually buy it.  It was a gift…that I can’t pull off of her little round head.

At least I can find balance here.  Her favorite hats really do rock. Her taste in music still includes some things that we can both enjoy.  We’ll always have Gaga, and she only knows the beer version of Do-Re-Mi; I can endure One Direction until she “discovers” The Dead Milkmen and Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. and The Sugar Cubes and The Violent Femmes and…

A mommy can hope.


Oh, and if you want to see some cool hats that you will love as much as my kid does, go to this address: https://www.facebook.com/TwoCrowCrochetAndCake?fref=ts