It was just Black Swan. Really.

by Lisa

I should not watch scary movies. Something terrible happens, and I grow stiff with fear.  I cry.  I freak out, in general.  Silently, doing a creepy internal sobbing thing, I sit transfixed on the thing that tortures me.

Also?  Fake blood makes me throw up.  I’m about to throw up.  Only the keyboard right here is keeping me from it. When I put it down, the system will shoot into reverse and all hell will break loose.  Maybe I can sit here long enough and talk my way out of it.

Real blood, no problem.  Gushing fake blood, instavomit.  I want my mommy.

Now, I’ll hit “publish” and put the laptop down, and hope for the best.  Juice would help, but I can’t seem to even consider pausing to open the fridge.  It’s that fear thing, the stiffness.  It’s a new bottle of juice, and my hands are shaking.

What blinds are open?  Black windows, no way.  Cannot be passed.  What if someone is standing, looking in?  I saw that once, in a scary movie.