by Lisa

  • Drain tank, flush hole.
  • Detach hoses, blow out.
  • Note: gas tastes evil.  Remember to ride bike more.
  • Remove air filter, look with disappointment at the dirt.
  • Unscrew nuts from bolts that hold air filter holder in place, lose all spacers in guts of mower.
  • Curse, feel not Zen-like at all.
  • Take off carb cup, experience creeping bewilderment.
  • Flip all moving parts, ream with pipe cleaner.
  • Suspect that neighbors are watching.
  • Get the WD40, douse, decide that was a bad move.
  • Disassemble top of motor to reach lost spacers, find them all, rejoice.
  • Repeat in reverse order, pull ripcord.
  • Listen to engine run for three seconds and die…again and again.
  • Pack tools, come inside, find towel to place on couch to prevent grease stains.
  • Write a blog post as reasonable alternative to shoving mower into the street to become a hateful version of roadkill.  I need my neighbors to continue to like me, even if I’m the crazy lady who attempts small engine repair in a sundress and cute wedges.