by Lisa

I save episodes of TV shows until I can watch them all in a row, so I don’t have to hang off the cliff until the season actually ends.

I let the oven timer continue to beep when the food isn’t quite finished when time’s up, so I don’t forget it.

I don’t pop open a beer until the whole yard is mowed, and I mow more happily because I think of sitting in a tidy yard with a symbolic beverage.

I pile my fruits and vegetables on a huge tray in front of the juicer and combine with increasing creativity as the week goes on, to use stuff up.

I ride around with laundry in the car until I make myself go to the laundromat, even if I look like I’m a crazy person in my Honda.

I buy textbooks even though my university has a rental program, because I might need to know something after the class is over forever.

I hang sparkly things and bunches of herbs on a low pole on my porch to ward off approaching intolerance of the various witches at this cottage.

I have my quirks.