by Lisa

My little tank went to see my lovely mechanic today.  Remember the big bad things that needed changing to make her safe again?  Well, not so big.  Not so bad.

Turns out that a single bolt missing from a catalytic converter cover can cause a whole lot of clanging.  Yes, that missing bolt also caused the cover to get ratty and holey and require replacement.  The price of two pieces of steel and four bolts stunned me a bit, but I had imagined huge panels of car underbelly flapping and sparking near gas lines.  No, just a little cover for an important part.  Now the clanging doesn’t send my worry into high gear.   Will we explode?  Nope.  We just sound funny for now.

And the brake squishiness?  Only the front wheels are thin.  No bad rotors.  No bad lines.  Two discs out of four ain’t bad.

The mirror can’t be found at a junkyard, though.  They all want me to take the whole door, and I’m not prepared to do that much disassembling and hauling, and then have most of a door left over.  Nobody has time for that mess around here.  A new mirror has to happen, but my lovely regular mechanic can do that, too.  Someone in Wisconsin is boxing one up tomorrow to send this way.

In short, none of it will take much time to fix, or much money.  The little scratch-dent scar on the door will get a good coat of wax, the bumper will get bumped back into place and held up with a new clamp, and the car will be as good as new.


The wonderful thing about ishiness is the freedom it offers.  We can move forward without fear of another scar, because damage has already been done.  The fun can begin.

Roof rack?  Absolutely.

Hitch?  Yes, I’ll have one of those.  A hitch is cheaper than a roof rack!  Who knew?

Grill guard?  One must exist that will fit, somewhere.  If not, who do I know with a welding rig?

Let the fun begin…just as soon as my parts come in from Wisconsin.