by Lisa

  • Play Wiffle Ball
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Watch rain from a porch
  • Ride a big girl trike


Paint anything that holds still

Drive away without a map but with a tent

  • Do yoga
  • Drink water
  • Grow my hair long, long, long
  • Visit a strange place with familiar people

Visit a familiar place alone

Work as an artist’s model

  • Restring the banjo to an open chord
  • Play it
  • Learn how to speak French without blushing
  • Burn incense
  • Dust
  • Apply for a job that I’m not qualified to do, and get an interview

Get my dry cleaning done more than once a year

Demand to learn to engrave

  • Host
  • Find serving dishes and diner dishes to stack on the cupboard shelves
  • Point out beautiful, mundane things to my small person, like the texture of stacks of plates and mugs all in rows
  • Run while I still can

Crochet until that blanket is big enough for two

  • Convince myself that knitting is never going to happen

Mow the lawn

  • Make the lawn smaller


Eat outdoors

I brought that patio table along for a reason, you know

  • Get rid of

Get rid of more

Maybe even get rid of a whole car

Learn the laws of the bike trails regarding mopeds

Get a moped and make it run like new

Learn to rebuild a thing like a moped

  • Take a class just because I love the subject
  • Take a train

Take three classes because my life got in the way before I could finish them

Embrace an empty day

  • Release guilt over sleep
  • Sleep differently
  • Dream just as much
  • Listen to the dreams carefully
  • Floss



  • Cook


Remember the recipe.  It’s foolproof.