Day One, but the rest will be on paper.

by Lisa

Ship’s Log

Day One

Woke at six, smelling skunk.  Sure that some member of the crew had fallen victim. Came into living quarters to find all at ease, skunk strike far away.

Made coffee.  Bitter, but drinkable.  Surprised co-captain by touching coffee maker at such an early hour. 

Folded laundry. 

Sorted laundry by owner, then placed folded laundry in vicinity of final destinations.  

Delivered first mate to her bus stop.

Home now, preparing to meditate for ten minutes, stretch ten minutes, then study for French exam.

This is an exercise in holding myself accountable for taking care of business.  Part of that business includes making happy happen, but it can’t happen if life piles up in the corners.  Clean clothes, trimmed small-person fingernails, finished paperwork, and comfortable places to sit make happy easier.  

Onward with the day, fully prepared for the happy to hit, any minute.